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Two Blondes Go to a Movie: Morning Glory

November 28, 2010

Jessica says:

I’ve become obsessed with trying to figure this out – is Harrison Ford really as cranky as he appears?  His character in Morning Glory is cartoonishly over-the-top in his curmudgeonly ways.  He literally growls at people.  Then in all the press I’ve seen him do for this…or ever, now that I think about it, he seems grumpy in the interviews too.  Is that actually him or is that the “Harrison Ford” character he plays in the public?  I guess I need to go to someone who knows him to verify, so hang on a sec. while I ring up Calista…

Even though the entire plot of this movie was foreseeable to me and anyone who has ever seen a romantic comedy, I still thoroughly enjoyed it.  It kind of felt like some marketing executive downloaded all my information from Facebook and made a movie tailored to me – young aspiring television producer works her way up the career ladder, falls in love with cute boy at work, falters in both personal and professional matters, but comes out on top in the end.  This movie played me like a fiddle, but it’s OK because it was fun (like what I imagine it’s like to play “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”).

Rachel McAdams is adorable, but that really shouldn’t come as any surprise.  Diane Keaton is likeable even when she is playing a character that is kind of crazy.  I really wish John Pankow would have had more screen time as the 2nd in command to Rachel McAdams character.  You might not recognize his name, but you would recognize his face from his many, many appearances on TV in character roles (Mad About You, Ally McBeal, Law & Order, etc.).  He was funny and sympathetic – I wanted more.

All in all, I’d say this movie is exactly what you’d expect, but that makes it nonetheless entertaining.  It would make a nice Sunday matinee with a girlfriend, your sister, or mom.

Alison says:

I really, really like Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford, so I went to see this film with Jessica despite being the kind of girl who often prefers movies with explosions or elves. And despite the lack of explosions and/or elves, I really enjoyed the film. It’s charming and cute and funny. I’m really happy to see Rachel McAdams playing this type of character and she does a good job of carrying the film. I thought she was really great playing against Harrison Ford as the crotchety old guy. And there’s just nothing not to love about Diane Keaton. Also, can we talk about how amazing Diane Keaton’s figure is. I’m not trying to be creepy, but her body is rocking.

I found myself laughing throughout the film and did enjoy myself and loved the cast, but towards the later part of the movie, it did start to feel pretty predictable, somewhat “paint by the numbers” (not sure if that works as a description for a script, but I’m going with it). The music got kinda heavy handed and you felt like you were being spoon fed the plot. That said, it’s still a film I’d recommend going to with your girlfriends or your mom. You’ll laugh and be charmed.

LA Viewers: I’d recommend a matinee or Netflix.

Translation for non-LA Viewers: It’s a cute flick.