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Two Blondes Go to a Movie: Easy A

September 23, 2010

Jessica says:

Easy A is the story of…well, it’s the story of Hestor Prynne in The Scarlet Letter.  OK, not exactly.  Thanks to Mr. Oldvader and AP American Literature my junior year of high school I’ve actually read The Scarlet Letter (not just the Cliff’s Notes).  Emma Stone’s character, Olive, does not have an adulterous affair with a minister (Spoiler alert?  The book was published in 1850, so you can’t be upset if you didn’t already know that).  In fact, she doesn’t have an affair with anyone, but claims she does.  The entire plot of the movie is then predicated on that lie.  Olive pretends to sleep with a friend who is bullied for being gay.  Her claims of sexual promiscuity multiply and snowball from there.

There are some issues with the plot

– the story mechanics can be clunky at times, but Emma Stone sure is charming.  As charming as she is, Patricia Clarkson, Stanley Tucci, and Lisa Kudrow steal the movie in supporting roles.  I did often find myself distracted with thoughts about how no public school I’ve ever head of would allow a female student to wear a bustier as a shirt (which Olive does for most of the film).

Easy A is 100% predictable, but still enjoyable.  Save this one for a rental though.

Alison says:

Here’s what I have to say after watching Easy A – I really like Emma Stone.  She’s funny, beautiful and talented, but I’m sure you didn’t need me to point that out for you. I was happy to see her getting her own movie and think she held her own in it. Also, I must point out Stanley Tucci is much buffer than I realized. he’s a hot dad in this movie. And there’s a scene where he’s wearing a form fitting gray shirt, and I was pretty astounded to realize he’s got major biceps.

Back to the movie… I really liked parts of this movie. There were some cool shots where the director showed how quickly gossip travels around a modern day high school campus, lots of zipping around in a big circle.  I laughed a fair amount throughout the film and found the main characters endearing and amusing.  It was entertaining along with being sweet.

But there were parts to it that felt heavy handed and super predictable. Maybe if I was 16, I’d feel differently, but I’m not. There was one scene where a story “twist” occurred that Jessica and I could see coming from 3,000 miles away, but there were others in the movie theater who gasped. So maybe Jessica and I are just too smart. That’s probably it.

LA Viewers: Worth paying for a matinee at the Grove. It’s cute and funny. And we like supporting gals like Emma Stone and biceps like Stanley Tucci’s.

Translation for non-LA viewers: Matinee it up!