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Two Blondes Go to a Concert: Amos Lee

September 22, 2008

Two Blondes review a concert and ramble about themselves.

Alison says:

I can’t think of anyone less qualified to review a concert besides myself, except possibly for my mother.  Last summer she tried to get me to go to a Josh Groban concert with her.  My mom: “He’s so talented.”  Me: “He is the opposite of talent.”  It’s not that I don’t like music, I love music.  I’m just a terrible music fan.  I forget the names of artists and songs on a regular basis.  But despite that, I’ve decided to join Jessica in discussing the Amos Lee concert we saw at the Music Box in the Ford Theater (because Jessica thinks she’s British, she will spell it theatre).

Dare to dream.  That may have to be the motto of this blog.  Jessica dared to hope, to dream of free concert tickets and made a call into a local LA radio station.  And she won.  And then she dared to hope I would stay out past 10pm on a “school night” and leave my Tivo, and I did. And it was well worth it.  Amos’ music was awesome. After every song he would humbly thank the audience.  So adorable! He’s a singer/songwriter/guitarist/cute glasses guy originally from Philly.  The following genres are listed on his Wikipedia page:  Jazz fusion, Folk, Soul, Blues. His style is a perfect combination of all four. What’s not perfect though was the Music Box at Ford Theater.  There were no seats! How am I supposed to wear cute heels and attend a show there?

Jessica says:

You have to play to win…or call in to win, I guess.  A few days ago I happened to be tuned in to the local indie rock radio station and was actually paying attention when I heard the DJ give the station’s phone number and say he was giving away Amos Lee tickets.  However, he then specified to only call in for the tickets, “if you were really a fan.”  I dialed, but as I waited for someone to answer I got nervous about what that last bit about being a ‘real fan’ meant.  Was I going to have to answer some sort of question?  I mean, I own his album, but I’m not in his fan club.  When friends ask me to make them a mix CD, I usually put one of his tracks on there.  Does that count as a ‘real fan?’  I guess it did because I won the tickets.  The DJ asked if I had won anything from the station in the last six months.  I told him I was pretty sure I hadn’t even called a radio station in about ten years.

A and I arrived shortly before the opening act, Lucy Wainwright Roche.  There was a brief moment of panic when they didn’t have our names on the list at will call, but they let us in anyway.  (Note to self:  use this information to get into concerts free from now on.  Just say you won tickets from whatever radio station is sponsoring the gig.)  Lucy was ‘adorable,’ in Alison’s words, but I can’t see myself buying her record.  She sounds like that nice girl from down the hall in your college dorm who plays the guitar and is a summer camp counselor someplace in Minnesota.

Amos was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.  I was pleasantly surprised that several of the songs had a much stronger electric feel in person than they do on the record and he is an entertaining blues guitarist (but then again, I know nothing about playing the guitar).  I think I did manage to convert Alison to the fan club, since she tapped me halfway through and mimed that she wanted me to copy the CD for her (it was quite an elaborate miming gesture).

My only complaint about the experience has nothing to do with the music or the performers.  There was this group on youngins who arrived about three songs into the show and shoved their way to the front of the crowd.  Pretty much right in front of Alison and I.  They were two guys and three or four girls.  After pushing their way to the front, the girls proceeded to spend the entire concert taking photos of themselves.  Flash photos.  Apparently not only were they too self-involved to actually listen to and enjoy the concert, but they also missed the 45,000 signs posted by all the exits forbidding flash photography.  Eventually, at around photo number 67, the bouncers show up.  Who do they eject from the show?  Not any of the girls who were actually taking the pictures, but one of the guys with them.  The girls let him take the fall for them and he left by himself.  I’m thinking of a word and it rhymes with ‘smitches…’